Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Opening Weekend Working Bee June 2014

The transformation continues! A mighty effort by 9 adult members, 9 junior members plus a couple of 'ring ins', achieved wonders over the long weekend. The team worked beautifully together, learning new skills and solving interesting problems - like fitting carpet squares around the old, curved wood box! One poor member spent most of the weekend with either his head stuck in the 'phone cupboard' or his entire body stuck somewhere up in the attic rafters. The dedicated catering team kept everyone well (over) fed with delicious tea breaks and lunches. And it even snowed! Yes - on Sunday morning, we were treated to the wonderful sight (through our amazing picture windows) of snow flurries twirling down around the Lodge. And , OK, it didn't settle on the ground, but it was a real moral booster and the junior Worker Bees were tempted outside to investigate. And then they disappeared in search of more snow...... returning later with the evidence of snow making up at Cloud 9.
Our hard work has also been noticed by other members of the Falls Creek community. We had a steady stream of visitors from our friends at Wagga, Albury and Myrtleford Clubs,who all expressed admiration at was has been completed to date.
It was fun, it was hard, it was a long weekend! But the main task of getting all new floor coverings down, was completed. I'm wondering, with our new found skills of painting and carpet laying, if we should be considering a KVSC Handy Gal & Guy odd jobs business.... but then again, perhaps I should stick to my day job.
Please enjoy the photos. B
There's light at the end of the tunnel

This bit was easy!

At last - we now have a compost bin in addition to rubbish and recycling!

Looking into the 'ping pong' room

Our 'dry entrance' foyer

Kitchen level foyer with stores cupboards. The green light is the new door alarm system.
(It's very bright!)

The uipper lounge room

Really? Do these two have any idea what they are doing?

Very complex carpet tile shaping.

This bit wasn't so easy.....

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