Sunday, 1 June 2014

Working Bee May 30 to June 1 2014

Hello KVSC Members! Wish me luck as I create a 'blog' where, initially, I plan to load photos of the building works at Lodge. In the future, the blog may expand into something more extensive depending on your suggestions and feedback and my skills (time permitting!) But I thought this may be an easier way to share our photos. Let me know what you think as you sit back and 'admire' photos taken at the working Bee held over the past 3 days, 30/5 to 1/6/2014. B

OMG! Where do we start?
It's not all work!

Keeping the workers fed and happy.

Look at that view out the window!

Painting the ceiling in the new entrance hall way on kitchen level

Painting the stair well was technically 'tricky'

The drying room

Those rocks in the drip line were moved by hand

Stairway to Heaven?

New wall colour is 'Rottnest'.

Mother and son painting and having fun

New high tech key pad and intercom at front door

New window, new paint and new carpet sample!

Drop dead gorgeous windows in lower level lounge

Doorway into new transit luggage room, between front door and lower lounge

And YES, the President works very hard.

Our very modest builder who has worked miracles

Thumbs up - new door entry gizmo works!

Wow! Our 'ugly' duckling grown into a stunning swan!


  1. WOW. Looks fantastic. Thanks to all the worker bees for their efforts!

  2. Well done to all the worker bees, transformation is amazing - looks awesome.
    From Leonie Britton & Tom Kuiters