Thursday, 24 July 2014

Day Trip to Falls Creek

With reports of the best snow ever and a sunny weekend, we plan a ski trip to Falls Creek. But it will have to be a day trip, as there are no available beds in KVSC. (Note to self – must get to know the booking officer!)
With the sun shining over the early morning frost, we headed along the Kiewa Valley Highway, catching spectacular views of snowy peaks along the way. A slow trip up the mountain behind new-to-the-mountain drivers yet to discover the pull-over areas along the way lead us to the chain-fitting bay. Here the traffic was at a standstill, with cold drivers and passengers fiddling with the metal beasts. Enjoying the luxury of a four-wheel-drive vehicle, we scooted past the pulled-over vehicles, unsure whether to wave or sneer. An easy park, a quick walk up the hill to Yogi’s where our hire skis awaited us and we were heading to the lifts. As the wind was still playing havoc with the upper reaches of the resort, we found ourselves restricted to the village bowl along with hundreds of eager skiers and boarders. A few warm-up runs next to the tube lift loosened by ageing joints. The news that Falls Express had started moving caused a mass exodus down Falls Creek Rd to the bottom of the lift. Well, actually to the end of the queue half way up the road to be precise! Traffic wardens did an exemplary job in crowd control, and we were soon on our way skywards.

Despite the lingering light breeze, the views from the top were spectacular. After a review lesson – I keep hearing the same advice, I just need to start doing it – and a quick lunch at Cloud 9 we were free to explore the mountain. The Falls Creek android app recorded our every movement as we moved from run to run. A brief afternoon tea at Dicky Knees (why does Coke taste so good in the mountains?) was our only respite. We continued to ski until we heard the eventual instruction, “last run”. Exhausted and exhilarated, we leisurely schussed along Day’s End to return our skis and head back down to the valley. A delicious pizza and beer (and water) at Flour + Water was the perfect end to a sensational day. Next time, I must plan ahead and ensure there are beds…

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  1. Being the chosen life partner of the Booking Officer doesn't guarantee you get a bed at KVSC! (Being the Club President doesn't always get you a bed either!)