Friday, 18 July 2014

Fun and games in the snow

Lessons. Yes, lessons. Can I just say to anyone else who is an 'average' skier, that the secret is .... lessons! I can't believe how much more fun I am having in the snow following regular lessons. And in the driving snow and near zero visibility last Tuesday, I was able to follow with 'blind' faith as the Traill family led me down my first ever black runs! What a hoot.... and maybe some day soon, I will be able to ski Foxtrail with 'style' behind the speeding junior members of the family!
And if you need a break from skiing, perhaps you could express your inner artist with some snow creations! We have had a beautiful two-seat sofa, side table and vase, complete with sprigs of snow gums, to welcome us back to the Lodge this week. Poor old snow man lost his head though.....
Relaxing back at the Lodge
Admiring the view of snow covered mountains

Just another 'blue bird' day

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